RTSS 2020

Accepted Artifact Evaluations

  1. Generating Utilization Vectors for the Systematic Evaluation of Schedulability Tests
    David Griffin, Iain Bate and Robert Davis
  2. DAG Scheduling and Analysis on Multiprocessor Systems: Exploitation of Parallelism and Dependency
    Shuai Zhao, Xiaotian Dai, Iain Bate, Alan Burns and Wanli Chang
  3. Hard-Real-Time Routing in Probabilistic Graphs to Minimize Expected Delay
    Kunal Agrawal, Sanjoy Baruah, Zhishan Guo, Jing Li and Sudharsan Vaidhun
  4. A study of predictable execution models implementation for industrial data-flow applications on a multi-core platform with shared banked memory
    Matheus Schuh, Claire Maiza, Joel Goossens, Pascal Raymond and BenoƮt Dupont de Dinechin
  5. An Optimization Framework for Real-Time Systems with Sustainable Schedulability Analysis
    Yecheng Zhao, Haibo Zeng and Runzhi Zhou